Keepsake Books with Heart and Horses

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Pressure Point

A letter from Stephanie’s sworn enemy Jessica, regarding the young child Zoey, half-sibling to Stephanie’s son, Ryan, throws Stephanie’s world into a tailspin. Engaged to the man of her dreams, Stephanie must set wedding planning and her job as an attorney aside, and travel to Mexico with fiancé, Colton, to hopefully find Zoey. If that is not enough, Stephanie’s ward, Jill,
is also in danger from her own mother and the madman she lives with who want to reclaim the sixteen-year-old and drag her back into a life of abuse. Will Stephanie be able to safely bring her family together and have a happily-ever-after wedding to Colton on Christmas Day in Montana? And what about Stephanie’s horse, Kingston, and the special pony who help Stephanie cope?