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Pressure Point

A letter from Stephanie’s sworn enemy Jessica, regarding the young child Zoey, half-sibling to Stephanie’s son, Ryan, throws Stephanie’s world into a tailspin. Engaged to the man of her dreams, Stephanie must set wedding planning and her job as an attorney aside, and travel to Mexico with fiancé, Colton, to hopefully find Zoey. If that is not enough, Stephanie’s ward, Jill,
is also in danger from her own mother and the madman she lives with who want to reclaim the sixteen-year-old and drag her back into a life of abuse. Will Stephanie be able to safely bring her family together and have a happily-ever-after wedding to Colton on Christmas Day in Montana? And what about Stephanie’s horse, Kingston, and the special pony who help Stephanie cope?

NOTE:  Each of the following books can be read independently of the others.  The books in The Heather Trilogy are Young Adult, although most adults like them too.  The Stephanie Trilogy is more mainstream—for people 18 and older, although younger readers like them as well.  All my books are clean; in fact, one of my readers said I should write for Hallmark or Heartland, which I took as a huge compliment.  The topics in The Stephanie Trilogy are just more adult. I call The Heather Trilogy and The Stephanie Trilogy a double trilogy since I age the characters from the Heather Trilogy ten years and put them into The Stephanie Trilogy.  Like I said before, the books can be read separately, but for the utmost enjoyment, you might want to read them one after another.  I even enjoyed rereading the first five as I was writing Pressure Point so I could remember details.

Heather Trilogy (Quality Concealed, Image Of Deception, Challenge Of Choice,
Young Adult)

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Stephanie Trilogy (Depth Of Deceit, Brutal Intent, Pressure Point




Stand Alone Young Adult Books (Fat Chance: Pony Tails, A Tuff-to-Beat Christmas)