A Tuff-to-Beat Christmas


Share the joy of discovering the true meaning of Christmas with a repentant, spoiled brat Paige Covington and her thoroughbred jumper. “All this commotion over Christmas. Why not just hand over the loot and forget the traditions?” Paige is in for a big surprise when a juvenile court judge assigns her to complete sixty hours community service at a hippotherapy clinic, using horses to assist physically and mentally challenged individuals. Unveiling the theme that to give of oneself rewards the giver most, this tender, beautifully illustrated book will become a favorite for the entire family, horse lover and non-horse lover alike.

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“A Tuff-to-Beat Christmas really touched me. I thought Paige was a little stinker at first, but Betty made the girl’s change seem believable. Even though I am not a horse person, Betty writes about them in a way that make me want to take riding lessons. I put my son in the bathtub before I started to read and got so caught up in the story that the only time I set the book aside was when he stood in front of me with bubbles in his hair. By the end of the story, I had tears in my eyes.” – Tammy Daybell, Vice President of Spring Creek Book Company, Author of the Tiny Talks Series

“It was a delight to read this touching story. A Tuff-to-Beat Christmas brings with it the warm spirit of Christmas as Paige Covington discovers that things in her life are not what they seem. This book kept my interest right to the last page with its tender surprise ending.” – Anne Bradshaw, Author

“A Tuff-to-Beat Christmas is a warm, heartfelt story that will surely reach anyone who reads it. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down until the last page. Betty is an inspiring, visual writer worthy of consideration. I highly recommend this book.” – Sky Reviews


Since I had written and won a Publication Award from the Utah League of Writers Statewide Contest for an earlier edition of this book, I was not able to enter this longer, illustrated version.


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