Brutal Intent


Stephanie Saunders’ worst fears are realized one fateful night when in the midst of two shootings, her year-old son, Ryan, is kidnapped. She thinks she may know the culprit, but is that a blessing or a curse? Had she been wrong to take Jill, a young girl she finds sleeping in her horse’s stall, home to live with Ryan and her? With such a turbulent past, was Jill a friend, or a puzzle piece in the kidnapping? And what is it about the hideous, old tree skeleton that haunts Stephanie’s dreams?

Stephanie longs for the support of her police officer fiancé, Colton, but his job and ties to the FBI have sent him undercover. Is he hiding something from her? The only solace she finds in these dark days, as she searches for her son, is her dressage horse, Kingston, but strange things are happening at the barn where she stables him. Will she ever find Ryan and will they ever be safe?

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“I was given Brutal Intent as a gift from a friend, and boy was I glad. The main character, Stephanie, has become one of my favorite fictional people. She’s gone through a lot in the last two books, but she maintains character and steadfastness. Through her eyes we see her precious child taken from her. She went through a lot to give birth and keep her boy in the first place. Now Stephanie doesn’t know who she can trust or what to do to get her son back. Brutal Intent is packed with believable characters, and the antagonist is a master manipulator who has always gotten her way. This in one of those quick reads that’s hard to put down. If you like mysteries, strong characters, good writing, and a story you will never forget, give Brutal Intent a try. You won’t be sorry.” – Linda Orvis

“I love this book! I couldn’t put it down. Once again Betty Briggs has written a story that keeps you guessing and makes you feel part of the family. It was great to see some old faces like Dave Cane and Katie Taggert. Not to mention the swoony Colton Taggert and the beautiful Stephanie. Each turn of the page drags you deeper into the story. I highly recommend this book along with her others.” – Horse Crazy

“Betty Briggs does it again with her newest mystery. The intensity and intrigue begin on the very first page and continue throughout. Brutal Intent is a wonderfully written novel full of twists, turns, and of course, horses. What more could anyone ask for? Great read. I recommend all of Betty’s books.” – Avid Reader


Hollywood Book Festival, First Place, Unpublished Manuscripts

Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, Best Book in Suspense Category


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