Depth of Deceit


Blonde and beautiful, fledging attorney Stephanie Saunders vows to protect the innocent even though as indigent defense attorney her clients rarely are. Does that include Iosh Durrant who seems to be following her? Stephanie is dismayed when her peers begin calling her “Prom Queen” as her boyfriend, Todd Saxton, often does. Desperately trying to prove her worth, she falls prey to those who steal her innocence. Although she plans to forgive Todd for his ultimate betrayal, she is never given the chance. Her boss, Attorney Charles Connelly, offers solace, but is Stephanie’s welfare, or his own, top priority? The only thing that keeps Stephanie sane in her insane world are the horses she loves but does not own, especially the abused mare, Riskie Business, whose example helps Stephanie make the most difficult decision of her life. Relying on wit and courage, Stephanie must save herself and another during the final showdown where she proves a loyalty of which she never knew herself capable.

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The heroine of Depth of Deceit is a plucky young attorney, Stephanie Saunders, who has a rich, handsome young man in her life, a career in a decent law firm, and a horse-riding hobby.  And, oh yes, she has a mysterious shaggy-haired stranger who comes into her life and causes a few flutters. But like the layers of an onion, Depth of Deceit gradually peels away the veneer to reveal something much more tantalizing below the surface.  Pity the poor reader who picks up Depth of Deceit at bedtime.  They’re in for a long night, as this is one of those books that, once started, can’t be put down.  It all comes together in a rapid-fire ending that will make for an intriguing film someday.” – Bruce Haring, Managing Director, Hollywood Book Festival​

“Two thumbs way up for Betty Briggs’ 4th book. This book was without a doubt one of the best. The plot was great and will keep you on your toes the whole time. You’ll be trying to guess the good guys and bad guys and will be pleasantly surprised by the ending. I have no complaints at all about this book. But don’t start reading it at night because once you pick it up you won’t want to put it down. You feel like you can really relate to Stephanie and the problems she has to face. I highly recommend this book along with her others, and there’s even a surprise character in it that many will remember from previous books.” – Horse Crazy

“Okay, here’s what I want to say about Depth of Deceit. It spoiled my vacation! It came in the mail just before we were leaving on a whirlwind four-day trip to find ancient Anasazi ruins. Having read Betty’s other books, I took it and did not take any backup book: that’s how much I trust this author, to not bother with any backup. Well, I pretty much ignored my spouse on this trip and grudgingly stopped reading when I had to go off on hikes to fulfill our purpose. On the second day, after spending the morning hiking into the wilderness and finally returning to the truck, my spouse discovered he’d lost his hat somewhere. Well, he really likes that hat, so he said he was going to go back down the trail and search for it. He said, ‘I hope I’ll be back in an hour or so.’ I worked hard to hide my glee. For an entire precious hour, I was able to sit alone in the truck and READ, uninterrupted. I never once experienced even an instant of boredom or impatience. I wanted to turn those pages. Who was the good guy? Who was the bad guy? She kept me guessing throughout. I finished it yesterday and was completely satisfied. Wonderful read!” – R. Lochlann


Honorable Mention, The Eric Hoffer Book Award, Legacy Fiction Category

League of Utah Writers, Silver Quill Award of Excellence, Fiction Books Category

Hollywood Book Festival, First Place, Unpublished Manuscripts


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